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postedOn: 2023-9-29   updatedOn: 2023-9-29   includedIn: R , web-dev
About A few days ago I finished reading the book Engineering Production-Grade Shiny Apps by Colin Fay, Sebastien Rochette, Vincent Guyader and Cervan Girard. It was an easy read so, I decided to move forward and create my first shiny app with golem. But before doing that I wanted to read some comments or opinions about it and I realized that there is not so much about it outside of the golem team.
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postedOn: 2023-9-7   updatedOn: 2023-9-7   includedIn: R , web-dev
I have been off from the blog lately due to a big load of personal projects. Just lately I got a few days off and found time to work on my personal website, to be ready soon. That made me get more into Nginx configuration, where I consider myself a total rookie.
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postedOn: 2023-1-22   updatedOn: 2023-1-22   includedIn: R , web-dev
A few weeks ago I opened an account on Digital Ocean to start my own cloud server. Not long after that I took a workshop on Shiny and, although it was too technical with nothing new for me, I learn a couple of things unrelated to R. The speaker was talking about the importance of making your portfolio showing your apps instead of sharing the link to your code as most of us do.