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postedOn: 2024-2-11   updatedOn: 2024-2-11   includedIn: R , emacs
Recently I have seen many posts about which IDE for R people prefer, with minimalists list of options, usually of size 2: R Studio and VS Code. I guess that some people forget, or many don't even know about two of the most powerful text editors that have been helping developers for a few decades.
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postedOn: 2022-12-29   updatedOn: 2022-12-29   includedIn: R , emacs
Easy Emacs To start using R, or almost anything else in Emacs you basically need to know 3 things: 1) How to move in Emacs, meaning understanding what is what and learning a few key commands; 2) What is the configuration file and how to use it and 3) How to use packages to extend Emacs.